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Welcome to The Israel Bible Museum!

We plan to provide each of you with a virtual tour through this unique museum featuring the works of the Internationally recognized artist Phillip Ratner.

In 1984, Phillip Ratner, with a large collection of his work, established the Israel Bible Museum in the city of Safed, Israel, in the Galilee. Dennis Ratner helped fund the project and now serves as President of the Museum.

At present, there are 300 visual scenes of the Bible exhibited in the Museum. It, and the working studio of the artist housed therein, has become a major tourist mecca in Israel for both Jewish and non-Jewish visitors.

Due to the large support of the local public and thousands of tourists, the Museum is open eleven months of the year for those interested in art, the Bible, mysticism and the Jewish heritage.

Entrance to The Israel Bible Museum is with out charge to encourage families, new immigrants and schools easy access.

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